NYFW: Adrienne Vittadini Fall 2011 collection: Older is better

There is something to be said about style, class and elegance.  This is true if you are an icon like Dame Elizabeth Taylor or one of the original Runway models.  This was something that happened to be evident at the Adrienne Vittadini 2011 Fall Fashion Show. A mere seven models walked in only 13 looks at the Adrienne Vittadini presentation at Lincoln Center. But it wasn’t about the clothes. It was about the models.

The presentation, aptly titled “Modern Muses,” featured Niki Taylor, Roshumba, Carol Alt, Pat Cleveland, Frederique van Der Wal, Irina Pantaeva, and the grandest dam of them all (in my book) Carmen Dell’Orefice. All old school, and all fabulous.  In other words, after days of watching beanpole 14 year olds who could barely walk a straight line, and stumbled in 5, 6 or in at least one case flat-out in 7-inch heels, this was such a pleasure.  Real stars of the runway; modeling with real bodies, in real clothes for real women.  What a concept?!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This show proved that older is Haute!  Older and realistic clothing for women of real (not sample) sizes can be just as fashionable if not more so.  Women who see herself reflected in the models that walk the runway, and grace the covers of magazines and ads are more likely to purchase the clothing. Let’s face it, we can’t all wear the deep plunging necklines that some designers had on the runway this season.  Designers are you taking note??  While I, like so many others love the fantasy of playing dress-up, we want to be able to wear them.  Who are you designing for – yourself or your customer?  Ms. Vittadini (and a few others) knows the answer and this collection proved it.  It was truly the talk of the season and a pleasure to be a part of. Now excuse me while I run to purchase the entire collection…


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