Blogging Day of Silence For Love With Japan

The other night, I woke up at 2:30AM.  My heart was so heavy and I simply couldn’t breathe.  I realized it was because right before sleep, I happened to overhear the latest about the destruction in Japan on CNN (which was playing on TV), the loss of life, the pictures of 2000 dead found along the shoreline…honestly it was just too much for me to deal with.

A friend posted this on her FB page which was eerie for me ” Sept 11 (NYC), Jan 11 (Haiti), March 11 (Japan) along with the bible quote from Luke 21:10-11.  While I’m no religious scholar the God/Universe I believe in, never would wish or harms people.  However seeing it just left me with a worse than normal sleepless night.

I realize you may not know me…so let me tell you that this Native New Yorker is proud of my city and I know it took me months to get over the devastation of the World Trade Center and that loss of life.  It still renders me sad every Sept 11th even though it is less and less.  What this tragedy did however, is leave me in an undeniable state of “What if that happened in NYC?”  “How would we survive?” “Our buildings are not meant to sway and while I don’t live on Manhattan Island, I can see it (just as I see it now from the tip of Brooklyn), I don’t know what I would do.

The Japanese people are a strong resilient people.  I lived in Asia for a time and actually learned Japanese (the few words I remember come in handy when I want to ‘shock’ people at a Japanese restaurant).  Yes, I called my friends in Hong Kong and Singapore as well as Hawaii and California when I heard what was happening.  I have donated to the Red Cross…but it’s not enough.  The feeling of helplessness still lingered….until today.

Sharing a day of silence for those who no longer speak

I was on Twitter and saw a posting for a Blogging day of Silence for Japan. BRILLIANT!!  Why? Corporations are now understanding what bloggers, who have doing it when it was just “on-line journals”, have known for years.  WE HAVE POWER. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook is not a fad…it is here to stay, and has the power to create waves of goodness, spread the word of joy as well as sorrow quicker than anything we’ve seen in the previous centuries.  This is what I can do.

I can use my power, my voice and be silent for a day.  A day to not blog about what I love.  A day to be silent for those who will never speak again. What’s a day when we’re talking about the loss of a home, an entire town, a life…

I can use this forum that provides happiness for Couples worldwide and ask, as you share in your joy (esp if you’re getting married this weekend), to send prayers for those couples and potential couples in Japan who will never know your bliss as well as those who have had many years of being happily married.

Today I can use this – the business I love – to be silent and show my support For Japan with Love.  I can put my money where my mouth is and give to the Red Cross Disaster Relief or In Memories for the victims of Japan created by two in the wedding community Utterly Engaged and Ever Ours.  Now…This is the thing and let’s keep it real ok?  This is a competitive business and sometimes people don’t play fair.  Some people won’t post and/or link to others sites unless there is something in it for them.  I’m just telling the truth, you know I am.  I am in no competition with these ladies primarily because I’m not a wedding planner.  I write about the vendor and people in our industry who make a difference.  I sincerely applaud their efforts and urge you to take a look at their respective sites and if you feel so inclined – join them.  There is more than enough business to go around – it’s OK TO SHARE.

I sent my love, prayers and help to the people of Haiti…today I send my love, prayers and help to the people of Japan.  I hope we never again see this level of destruction and I end with a heartfelt prayer for peace.

Ladies Bravo!!

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