NYFW: Bibhu Mohapatra 2011 collection battles good vs evil

Conceived after Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”, this collection of complimentary extremes set in a futuristic urban society in where the rituals that reference old-world-black magic abounds. This is an inner tug of war: Good vs Evil.  Darkness vs. Light.  Black magic vs. Puritanical ethos.  Savage vs. sophisticated.  The ‘dark glamour’ is so beautiful imposed against the neckline, or wrist with black crow feathers, nail embossed leathers, lacquered skin tattoo metallic denics and ink washed gold lame.  This collection is hot, hot HAUTE!

If you don’t know him now, you will. Bibhu Mohapatra (Bee-boo Mow-ha-patra) launched in 2009, received the FGI’s Rising Star award in 2010 and now is apart of the CFDA’s Incubator space – an honor well deserved.  With a goal to make clothes that will last beyond a season, and that can be paired with things you may already have, I’m sure he already has a growing fan base.  His evening wear collection is amazingly beautiful and if you can imagine one of these spectacular creations in Ivory, Champagne, Blush, Pale Blue, you will see a couture wedding gown that will be the envy of everyone.

Bibhu as been quoted to say that he has” a dark side, which is reflected in this collection”. The gowns were in deep jewel tones and decorated with sexy gloves or the cuts and folds, which added sensuality – not that it was missing. Even his furs, over simple pants were über sexy.

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I think that the moment you meet him and he flashes his megawatt smile, holds your hand with both of his, and looks deeply into your eyes when he speaks with you, you will know there is beauty in his soul, a light in his heart and passion for designs still being discovered.

Photo’s by Getty and Lisa M. Barr 2011


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