NYFW: This is no little lost around the world L.A.M.B

The light show as you walked in should have told you that it was going to be rock-star spectacular.  It was and as the collections made its way, each to different mood and music, you simply didn’t know what was coming next. The six groups (and grouped girls to match) Soldier Girls, Rasta Ragga Muffins, London Girls, Buffalo Girls, Mod Girls, and Glamour Girls all made their way to their shouldering very different looks and received different reaction from the crowd. The one reaction that was universal is that each collection, on it’s own, left you wanting more. The thing is, while they were separate collections, if you know Ms. Stefani it really made sense.  These girls were all phases of her life.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a reminder that even a fall collection, usually so dark, can and should be fun.  So from the Streets of London, to the Island of Jamaica to Uber Street chic, you can rock these.  So have confidence, be inspired and girl-power will continue to RAWK!!


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