NYFW: Naeem Khan 2011 ready to wear collection takes flight

You can always tell the day that Naeem Khan is showing his collection.  Not because for the last several years, he has traditionally closed out NY Fashion Week, but because the celebrities and accompanying jewels that would put Tiffany to shame, are in the tents in triplicate.  His shows are always filled and you’re lucky if you can have 3rd row standing. I was lucky enough to have 3rd row seat 5 – yippie!!

This season was no different but a real treat when I spotted Iris Apfel who is truly a style icon.  At 90, dressed to the nines in a beautiful red ensemble with her over-sized signature glasses, admirers and those who wanted to know ‘who’s that woman’ swarmed her.  You might think of her as the Sylvia Weinstock of fashion: sassy, one who knows her stuff and a wickedly charming sense of humor. Of course the ever-regal Ranjan Khan, Naeem’s equally talented wife (who has the most amazing jewelry including bridal collection), was beautifully dressed in a white outfit specially designed for her by Naeem.  She said that she was nervously excited about this collection, but she greeted each person who stopped her like an old friend, including this writer.  Once the lights went down, there was absolutely no reason for any doubt as the tent began to applaud before the first model took her place and began to walk down the runway.

Ok, so let’s get to the designs.  It’s really obvious why Naeem has such a devoted fan base.  Clothes by Naeem Khan are what is worn on the well-heeled women on and off the red carpet.  Honestly, it’s an extravagance you can wear beyond your own red carpet or wedding day.  This season he used ostrich, feathers, sequins, beading, and beautiful chiffons and silks.  Surely couture as each flower with sequin sewn, ostrich feather and lace attached were all sewn by hand.  The ease and floating movement from the models left my neighbor and I breathless and wondering how can each be more beautiful than the prior.  I’m still not sure I just know it was.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s clear to see that Naeem Khan thinks about the women who wear his clothes, the power they possess and how they will both look and feel in them.  As for me, the V-front chiffon caftan with pleated back and gold paisley beading has my name on it.  Where will I wear it….don’t know, but I know I’ll look fabulous when I get there.


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