NYFW: Can you hair me now?

When I cover an event, sure the fashion is among the most important thing I’m looking at, but lately, I find my self being drawn to the tops of the heads of these models.  Believe me, at 5’4” it’s not always easy to see them so I’m constantly asking them to bend down just a bit.  Lucky for me, they do.

Recently during NY Fashion Week, I noticed a trend, well several actually.  The hair on the models was simple almost bed head or retro glam.  Now, depending on where you’re having your wedding, you could go with either of these.  One of my favorite looks was as simple as a pony-tail…but I don’t think you’re going down the aisle in one.  What I was struck by was the simplicity of it (center part, sometimes loose, sometimes in a braid) that allowed the neckline of the model and if there was any jewelry to be the focal point.  It was clean and refreshing, no fuss or muss.  Of course there was the occasional up-do or bun, but even there, it was with a center or side part and simply clean.  To be honest, I saw some of the men’s fashion and I do believe they had more hair product in theirs.

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I know that when you’re picking your gown, the hair is sometimes the last bit to receive attention, but I’m hoping that will change.  No matter what your dress is, keep your hair simple, it’s to add to your beauty, not be a cause for you to fling it off your shoulders on your wedding day.


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