Christian Siriano Fall 2011 collection goes dark and grows up

Things I loved…well a lot of the pieces.  From the wide-legged pants and very tailored yet feminine jackets and skirts to the sexy and beautifully girly evening gowns they were all Christian Siriano.  The contrast with his shoes and military to gladiator-styled boots (which are as high as ever and even caused at least 1.5 wipe-outs by models) created a sense of battling good vs. evil, light vs. dark, light vs. heavy.

Let’s be clear the collection included cashmere, leather, silk organza, wool crêpe knits, all fabrics that are pleasing to the eye and touch. The blends of textures, the multitude of individual pieces of fabric to create the petals, the shawl collar and tulip skirt remind us of Siriano of seasons past. Yet, this is truly a collection for a woman who is secure in whom she is, what she wants and is completely comfortable wearing the unexpected.

There is a very purposeful change from his previous collections.  One can tell that Christian is branching out, trying to break free from what we expect. Perhaps this was the ‘anti-project runway’ collection and more the true him. Let’s face it, this is his sixth collection and no matter what, he IS treated differently from other designers.  My own opinion, of all the ‘reality-stars’, Christian Siriano is working to refine and develop himself to become the best he can be. In other words, this collection, inspired by the moody, dramatic orchid is allowing this designer to bloom.

Yes, this was a grown-up fashion show with lots to like.  If you were expecting to see the same-old-thing, you may have walked out disappointed and some did.


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