Wine Wednesday: Propose with a martini sparkle not stirred at the Blue Bar, Algonquin Hotel

So your girlfriend (and her friends/family) has hinted that she would love a little something. You know, an accessory on her left hand.  You being the ‘hold your cards to the vest’ kind, have thought the same thing.  The only problem is where and when?  While I’m not for proposing on traditional holidays, however this might be the exception.

Propose in style at The Blue Bar at The Algonquin Hotel with their famed “Martini on the Rock” cocktail. You have to call three days in advance to grab the ‘$10,000 deal’, complete with a personalized visit with the hotel’s private jeweler to help you select the perfect diamond. The perfect ring you just picked will be at the bottom of the martini glass (beneath an olive or two unless she likes apple martini’s – I’m sure they can figure it out) as its presented to your very special lady (or gent!). Fingers crossed that he or she says yes, if not, drink it like a shot to ease the hurt, just don’t swallow the ring.
Blue Bar at The Algonquin Hotel, 59 West 44th Street (between Fifth and Sixth avenues); 212-840-6800.


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