Celebrity hairstylist Angelo David shares bridal hair looks

Next to finding the perfect dress, the question “What am I going to do with my hair”, is next.  No worries, celebrity hairstylist Angelo David has re-created red carpet beauty looks from the Golden Globes.  These are pretty simple and you can do it too.

  • When it came to her tresses, Golden Globe winner and soon-to-be bride Natalie Portman selected the ultimate in ladylike chic to match her romantic Viktor & Rolf gown—the classic French Twist. While this look may seem difficult to do, Angelo David shows to how to achieve the glamorous style in just a few easy steps:
  • Start with freshly washed hair. Remember: Always brush through your locks before entering the shower and shampoo twice! Tool Suggestion: Angelo David Boar’s Hair Paddle Brush
  • Apply a medium hold foam forming mousse for contrast, body & lift.
  • Tease your tresses in small sections (back-comb one inch at the roots) at the crown to create a chic level of volume.
  • Brush hair back towards the right shoulder, holding it tightly against the nape of your neck. Insert a bobby pin at an angle from the center of the nape toward the right ear. Repeat with four or five more pins (positioned at a similar angle), from the center of the head to ear level.
  • Twist the free section of hair upward and toward the left shoulder. The twist should be against the back of the head, as the ends stick up from the top. (make sure that the roll covers the bobby pins)
  • Apply a layer of light holding hairspray. From bottom-to-top, insert five or six bobby pins into the twist horizontally. Fold the top’s loose ends into the twist and secure with a pin. Set with hair spray and shine spray.

Loose waves and va-va-voom volume create a look that is at once elegant and fun. Angelo David re-creates Anne Hathaway’s youthful sophisticated style:

  • After shampooing, apply a leave-in to make sure your tresses are smooth and frizz-free.
  • Use a dryer to remove excess moisture before you start, blow-dry or let hair air-dry for a few minutes. Apply a medium hold foam forming mousse for contrast, body & lift.
  • Next, blow-dry your hair straight, with a middle part down the front. Divide combed hair into sections and secure with clips. Leave out a section to start with. Pull through a round-barreled brush as you blow-dry, pointing the nozzle downward onto hair.  Make sure to pull hair super taut as you dry. As you pull the brush through hair, follow the brush with the dryer. Continue through all sections until hair is dry.
  • Randomly select randomly sized chunks of your hair (don’t worry about exactness, this is a fun, flirty, flowy look) and curling around a 1.5-2’’ curling iron. Before letting the curl down, apply a light layer of hairspray. Once your hair is curled run fingers through your locks to separate curls and create bounce. Gently brush the hair out, add another light layer of holding spray and you’re ready to go!

Simple? Try one for Valentine’s Day and you’ll be ready for your big day.


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