Alfred Angelo 2011 Disney collection will have you wishing upon a star

I’ve always loved speaking with Michael before a show.  He is calm (at least on the outside) even as his team is stitching on just a few more sparkles, and the warmth of his hug is genuine.  He is a man who loves what he does and it shows.  This season Alfred Angelo had the opportunity to style, develop and create the new Disney Bridal Collection.  For some reason, this seems to fit Michael perfectly…he loves the princess bride.  What makes his collection magical is that he has taken the idea and form of Disney’s princesses, their playfulness and joy and created a line for a ‘grown up princess’ bride.  With this collection, is quietly conveys that “fairytale dreams can come true”.

Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Tiana, Jasmine, Ariel, Snow-white and Belle are the girls that have lived life, triumphed through life’s challenges and in the end, do find the man (prince) of their dreams.  Honestly, they really aren’t very different from each of us.  You have lived life, gone through what ever ‘stuff’ and in the end, the ‘perfect person for you’ has swept you off your feet and you want to feel like a princess.  In these dresses, you can.

Yes, it seems that every girl secretly wants to be or at least feel like a princess on her wedding day.  So I decided to ask Michael to tell me a secret of his own.  After a bit of laughter and a bit of a blush, his secret:

“In High School, I won a blue ribbon at the state fair for ‘Best in Sewing – HS Division'”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well Michael, you’ve done the state fair and brides everywhere proud.  When you wish upon Alfred Angelo Disney Collection, your dreams will come true.


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