Grooming the groom: No Scruff Here

Grooms, I want to welcome and offer you big congratulations on finding the person you want to spend your life with.  Today, we’re lucky enough to have great grooming tips from Craig Whitely, author of “The Men’s Room.” Why grooming tips, because it’s not just the girls who want to look good, it is your wedding day too.

There is a time and place to wear a scruffy beard, and even though Jake Gyllenhaal can pull it off on the red carpet that doesn’t necessarily mean you can.  I recently read that 68% of women prefer scruffy beards over the 28% that still enjoy a clean face.  But on your wedding day? Forget about it, guys. Trust me!

Scruff can be a great look, but being casual and unshaved actually takes work and maintenance. It takes work to look that laid back. You need to be a confident man to first know how to wear the scruff, and a few tricks to be able to maintain it (Adjustable clippers will do the trick!). I know that many men wear scruff to reduce irritation and because it is now the “in” thing to do.  As long as you wear it neatly it will always look right, though no matter how great it looks there are a few places where this look will never fly. (1) A job interview that requires a suit and tie and (2) your wedding day.  So grooms, save the scruff for your bachelor party and honeymoon, and get a clean shave on the big day. Your new wife doesn’t even have to thank me!


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