Wine Wednesday: 2011 Dessert wine introduction

A sweet ending to your dinnerRecently I was visiting a friend, helping her prepare for a party and she asked if I wanted to try a glass of dessert wine.  Like anyone who writes a wine column, I said “Of course”.  Truly it was decadent and got me thinking, “Why not have a beautiful dessert wine offering at a rehearsal dinner or at your wedding?”  I mean what a better way to start off your life together than, with something sweet?

Dessert wines rarely seem to get a mention these days. The idea of ‘finishing your meal’ with something sweet was once very common and in some circles, still is.  The simple truth is, most people just don’t think about it.  What I really like about dessert wines, a little will go a very long way.  This isn’t like pouring a large glass of wine (you can if you like), but it’s meant to be sipped at the end of your meal and enjoyed along with great conversation.  This sweet nectar is perfect to go with cookies, a cheese plate or simply alone.

When you’re looking for types of dessert wines, look for these:

  • Hogue Cellar’s Late Harvest White Riesling
  • St. Supery Moscato
  • Saracco Moscato d’Asti
  • Chateau Saint Michelle’s Ethos Late Harvest Riesling (honestly, almost anything St. Michelle produces is wonderful!)

I’m really excited about what this year will bring to this Wednesday column that you have helped make so popular.  It is my sincerest hope that you will always find a little something that will bring a bit of sparkle or sweet to your wedding process.  So go to your local wine shop and ask them to point out some of the brands they recommend.  Try it; I’m sure you’ll like it.


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