The true fairytail collection of Claire Pettibone

For Claire Pettibone, there hasn’t been a time when she didn’t believe in fairies.  This idea comes from her childhood when she imagined leaves were dresses and flower petals were winged sprites. It was a time when everything was magical and her imagination could roam this magical world freely.  The 2011 collection reflects this belief that every bride should be equally luminous and magical on her wedding day.

Greeted by hostess fairies and instead of pixie-dust, there were chocolate and cocktails.  Looks like today’s modern fairytale has really grown up. As each model made her way down the aisle, one couldn’t help but notice the luminescent sleeves, the light almost dewdrop roses and sequins’, beads and pearls to add to the sparkle.

For this season, the Claire Pettibone bride is nestled between reality and fantasy, moonlit gold and spurn silver, day and night.  However in the place where bridal dreams are made, the moon rises and fairies come out to dance and play.

If you are a fan, you’ll be happy to know that “The enchanted Atelier for Claire Pettibone” collection of jeweled headpieces will be available spring 2011.

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Color Trends: White, Silver, Opalescent Paillette, Grey, Champaign, Ivory, Soft Pink, Rose, Celadon, Smoke, Olive, Platinum and Gold

Fabric Trends: Lace, Sequin, Silk Chiffon, Tulle,

Style Trends: Crystals, Jeweled Straps, Moonstone beads, Appliqué Leaves, Embellishments, Draped Tulle, Lace Bodice, Bubble skirt, and Bolero


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