Fun Bridal Deals for October

Beginning next week, there will be coverage from the new bridal market season.  So much to ‘show and tell’ you I can hardly contain myself.  Until then, here are a few things happening around NYC and nationwide that may be of interest.

Michael C. Fina is hosting an event with Circa at their 545 5th Ave Store from 11am-8pm today and tomorrow Oct 21-22. So if you have any ‘unwanted Jewelry’ and are looking for a way to turn it into cash, this is your chance.

H.BLOOM is launching an online bridal registry, which allows brides to register for a subscription of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly flower deliveries for their new home. A great gift that keeps on giving.  H.BLOOM delivers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island City, Forrest Hills, Hoboken, and Jersey City and starting in December 2010, H.BLOOM will also deliver in Washington, D.C.

Have you tried these “group sales/group buys” services?  I was thinking these might be a great way for you to save some money and perhaps create an inexpensive treat for your bridal party.  You can do spa parties with your bridesmaids, you can take a workout series, learn to cook or even go sailing. I’m sure these are available in cities nationwide, so why not give them a try.  I will say that getting these offers daily can be a lot, but if you find just one that you like it can really save you some bucks and in some cased up to 75% off the actual price.  While I’m sure there are more, this list will get you started: Ideeli, LifeBookerLoot, IdealDay, Tippr, BuyWithMe and LivingSocial Deals. I’m sure there are a tons more and perhaps some that are just regional, so check them out and $ave.

While not totally bridal (well, unless you’re getting married on Halloween) I think these are super fun.

Kiss has 4 different nail designs and called “One Night Nails” that means they are easy on and, easy off. Since you don’t use glue, just soak in warm water from 10-15 min to loosen press-on tab.  This is actually great because there will be NO damage to your natural nail.  24 nails in 12 sizes so it will fit any nail shape/size. At $3.99 you can try all four of the new Halloween collection.

If you don’t want to do fake nails, you can do nail art, body stickers or eye and face art.  All of these are easy to use as well and $1.99 each pack.  Kiss products are available at Kmart, CVS, Rite Aid and more.  Now through Halloween. You can also follow them on twitter @KissProducts.


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