OH No…where is your honeymoon luggage?

You’ve spent time getting the perfect “I’m a married woman/man” outfits, the perfect bathing suit and you’re all ready. After the perfect wedding day, you and your partner are ready for some fun.  But, how can you make sure your luggage arrives the same time you do?

  • Book a direct or nonstop flight if possible. That will significantly reduce the chance of it being lost.
  • Choose an airline that has a ‘good baggage record’. Did you know that someone actually keeps records of this? Go to airconsumer.dot.gov to see how your airline rates.
  • You have a ‘carry-on’ for a reason. Put a change of clothes, your toiletries, any meds you may have, just in case there is a slight delay in your luggage.  Also keep your jewelry with you. I’ve heard horror stories of people putting their jewelry in checked luggage, only to arrive (either at their destination or back home) with it “checked-out”
  • Like me, if you travel often, remember to remove any old luggage tags that you may have received from other airlines. This will avoid any confusion on where you’re luggage is supposed to be.
  • Before you close your luggage at home, take a piece of paper and write your mobile number on it or drop in your business card. This will come in handy if your luggage tag gets removed, torn or lost in transit. Do not put your home address – why, because there are some unscrupulous people out there. If they know you’re traveling to Paris, you may arrive home to an empty home. Don’t want that to happen.

Ok, so you’ve done all you can from home but once you get to the airport, there are some extra things you can do.

  • Give yourself plenty of time to check in especially if you have more than one piece of luggage to check. Late check-in, means rushing and that means possibility of your bags missing the flight even if you didn’t.
  • Make sure you watch the agent put the destination ticket and sticker on your luggage. You would be surprised how often this is where the ‘ooops’ happens. Then make sure you have a ‘claim ticket’ on your boarding pass.
  • As simple as it may seem…make sure you see that your luggage goes on the conveyor belt before you walk away from the ticket agent.
  • Once you arrive at your destination, go directly – (or if you are going through customs as soon as possible) to pick-up your bags. If you are standing there and don’t see your luggage, report it lost.
  • Make sure you have the tickets (which the agent would have attached to your boarding pass). Give the ticket agent your final destination so they can have your luggage delivered as soon as it arrives.

Here’s hoping that you, your new partner and your luggage all fly friendly skies and travel safely.


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