Duckie Brown brings color to menswear 2011 collection

This season I made a concerted effort to see as many men’s fashion shows as I could. Personally I found the men that catered to men made equal an effort to show fashions that were wearable, yet grown-up casual chic.  I know that’s a big mouth full, but one designer that I loved was Duckie Brown.  It was a combination of surfer dude goes to Wall Street casual.

This was the best of both worlds: runway and then presentation.  You could actually see the clothing and not just blurs racing down the runway.  The looks were pretty minimalist given the fabric and style but it worked.  The surprise for men in men’s wear is they also used sheer fabrics and some draping techniques in their cardigans.  Color, pattern, and the clash of them all worked in this collection. “Like the boys had dressed in the dark,” said Silver. “Or like a rave, building to a frenzy in the end,” added Cox. There was a smooth sharing from Eastern to Western and it left us in the audience with an optimistic feeling that men could and would embrace color in the spring.  That once we get through this cold grey winter, there would be warmth in the arms and on the backs of the men in our lives.

So gentlemen, take it from me, wearing all black, faded blue jeans or those t-shirts from your high school days are SO over.  Duckie Brown has created a new kind of grown up cool for you to wear.

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Color Trends: Grey, Dune, Dirty White, Dark Grey, Olive, Black, White, Raspberry, Grey Melange, Pink Silver, Turquoise, Chrome, Chili, Cerise And Camouflage

Fabric Trends: Canvas, Nylon, Distressed, Washed Leather, Wonky Cardigan, Knit, Gingham, Silk, Chiffon,

Style Trends: Bulky Sweaters, Tartan, Wrap Shirt and Two-Button Jacket.


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