Nautica Men 2011 collection brings back casual elegance

With this collection by Nautica, you are immediately transported back to the 1960’s. President Kennedy, sailing and yes the beach-boys in the Florida Keys.  It’s about the spirit of casual elegance that is part of the tradition and charm of New Orleans.  It’s everything that is charming and yet vibrant of the South.

From the beaches to the bon-fires; the country club to hanging around town, the look is clean, easy and for the man that wanted to blend seamlessly into the landscape.  He is one who loves adventure, is truly debonair, and exudes southern charm.

The actual presentation was very well done.  The models were ‘on display’ (not doing an actual runway), and of course, their clothes matched their setting perfectly.  In this type of setting, one can truly see the clothes (not have them be a blur as they race down the runway), imagine someone in them and yes, have a bit of fun chatting up the male models.

Very easy to wear and today’s modern man would feel comfortable in this (hopefully!!) trend of men dressing up, yet being casually elegant.

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Fabric trends: Natural Cotton, Silk Wool, Patchwork, Blue Seersucker, Cotton, chambray and Tan Silk Wool

Color trends: Sail White, Navy, Madras, Blue, Khaki, Yellow, White, Orange, Cream and Navy Regatta

Style trends: Zip Cardigan, Rugby Stripe, Chambray Tie, Button-down shirts in multiplaid, Gingham Shirts, Sports Coat, Reversible Vest and Bomber jacket


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