Edition: Georges Chakra 2011 collection

Modern, elegant and glamorous are the three words that sum up the collection. Chakra’s designs emphasize the sculpted curves that truly make up a woman.  By using different draping angles and crisscross straps, the collection is glamorous and contemporary.

I don’t think there was a closed mouth in the entire room. This collection was amazing.  They dared to use models that had curves – you know real curves.  This is what added to the appeal of this collection and was a comment in my section of writers. Georges Chakra accentuated the positive and minimized any possible negative.  These were truly wearable dresses on women of various sizes.  The liquid lame draped jersey dress however at the end was truly a showstopper.  The only way to describe it: an ultra sexy statement.

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When the dresses were short, there is still modesty about it; the thigh-high splits on gowns exuded sensuality.  Loved the colors, fabrics, cutouts…in other words the entire collection.

The casual collection provides is refreshing and offers a modern twist on what we’ll see in the spring and summer of 2011.  I hope you enjoy all 70 pics.  It’s a combination of all formal wear and then the casual active wear which is refreshing and offers a modern twist on what we’ll see in the spring and summer of 2011

Fabric trends: Satin, Crepe, Chiffon, Duchess Satin and Charmeuse

Color trends: Blue Lagoon, Ivory, Black, Silver, Pale Grey, Turquoise, Saffron, Purple, Coral, Green-Yellow, Chartreuse, Nude-tones, Gold and Violet Amethyst

Style trends: Lucite beaded belt and necklace, Asymmetrical neck, Crisscross neckline, Basket Weave, Low cut bias, Bustier, Crystal beading, Braided Low Back, and Peek-A-Boo One Shoulder


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