NYFW: Winner announced for Amex, Tory Burch “Brides Love Fashion” giveaway

I want to thank you all for the interest, great tweets and feedback that I’ve received during this contest. I’m sure that my sponsors American Express Entertainment, Tory Burch as well as my friends at Dermalogica and Michael C. Fina want to express their gratitude and appreciation for your participation in the American Express Entertainment and Tory Burch exclusive, “Brides Love Fashion” giveaway. I am so honored and proud to say that this was a true partnership and we are all so excited to announce this winner.

To make things complete fair, we used a random selection process to pick the winner.

So…Emily A. I hope you and three of your friends are free on September 15, 2010 at 9:30 pm. You will be attending an exclusive, Tory Burch fashion show, private party, meet and greet and a goodie bag at the new home of fashion, Lincoln Center!!  My friends at Dermalogica will be providing you and your girls – personalized skin care products AND, my friends at Michael C. Fina have beautiful Champagne glasses for you and your future hubby, to toast your future happiness. Your girls…well, we have a ‘little something special’ for you as well.

I must say I’m thrilled that American Express has entrusted me with this opportunity. As a brand that expects and delivers the best that the world has to offer, I’m honored to be able to share in their dedication, service and brand message. So don’t leave home with out your American Express card…or me on Twitter.
Emily if you can contact me ASAP, I’ll send you all the details for you and your friends need for this special night.

A sincerest thanks to all my sponsors: American Express Entertainment, the lovely Ms. Tory Burch, Dermalogica and Michael C. Fina.


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