A tech-savvy groomsmen gifts

Grooms are you having trouble trying to figure out a unique gift to give your groomsmen? I know they don’t need another beer mug or money clip. How about some great gifts for your tech-savvy groomsmen?

This isn’t the typical gift one initially thinks of, but they are definitely fun, useful and a keeper. Everyone nowadays needs a USB flash drive. Why not give one that features a college, team or racing team? These drives come with data encryption, are waterproof, “green” and lots of designer styles. With capacity from 2GB to 8 GB, you will really appreciate the price point and they will appreciate the cool gift.  They come in
MLB, NASCAR, Collegiate,  and the NFL. All the teams are represented so they can all be personalized for your guys favorites.  You can purchase in from their site or places like Best Buy, J&R, Office Max, Amazon.com and many others.

Do you have a friend that is a ‘gamer’? Nyko is the #1 gaming accessory company, and has a lineup of products for every console under the sun. Some of the newest items for this holiday season include:
Raven PS3 controllers – $34.99 – Full featured, they come in both standard and swapped Xbox-style joystick layouts
Wand+ -$39.99 – Built in Motion Plus, a full $20 cheaper than Nintendo’s controller plus dongle, and it’s more compact
Charge Stations for PlayStation Move – $19.99 for duo or $29.99 for quad – keep your Move controllers charged and ready

Finally and depending on just how much you REALLY like your boys, there is the ultimate gift a snazzy iPad, iPod, iWhatever covers. They can be fun, fancy, funky or matchy-matchy to your wedding colors. No matter which you choose, I’m sure they will love it.

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MusicSkins: From The Beatles, to the Sex Pistols, via Kiss, past The Grateful Dead, right through to Rihanna and Linkin Park there covers will remind them of good times and the great tunes you both love.

Belkin has long been known for cutting-edge quality products. They have iPad covers from leather, ones with ‘see through protection’ and ones you can grip it and go.

If you happen to have an ‘eco-friendly’ wedding yet your friends are tech-heads, you can still give them a great cover from ColcaSac.

Vers is beyond beautiful. These versatile wood cases are stylish and for every case they create, they plant 100 trees through the Arbor Day Foundation. LOVE THEM!!

If you are a fan of etsy, blytheking has some of the coolest, strangest, wildest and most unusual cases I’ve ever seen. All made of Vintage Fabrics, I’m seeing a Mad Men theme here….

Of course if you want to spend – really spend here are some high-end cases for you to choose from.
Luxurious Louis Vuitton case, a snip at around $360 – available Jan 2011; Gucci iPad case ($230) (I heard a new fabric covered one will be available Oct 2010); Burberry, $475; Oscar de la Renta, $290-$390; Salvatore Ferragamo; $290-$390 and Trussardi, $300.

Oh, so many options, so little time. No matter what you do choose, make sure it’s something your groomsmen can use. They will really appreciate it and remember your happy day every time they use it. 


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