Champagne choices made simple

Have some?  Yes, please.

Champagne, the nectar of the gods and has always been considered the beverage of choice for all kinds of celebrations. For your wedding, you may consider purchasing champagne for your toast, but what do you really know about it?

For example, did you know that European union laws prevent any sparkling wine produced outside of Champagne France to be called Champagne? Spain produces some great sparkling wines at truly unbelievable prices, which are called “Cava”. In Germany, they are called “Sekt” and in Italy, “Spumante”.
There are several houses (Taittinger, Veuve Clicquot, Freixenet, Moët & Chandon, Dom Pérignon etc.) I’ll have some great information and pairing ideas for you over the next several weeks, but I do invite you to ask any questions and to send me your views, on your favorite brands.

Champagne makes great aperitifs, are absolutely refreshing and when they are used to ‘introduce’, elevates any celebration. But what kind should you pick?

Brut: Very dry, best for hors d’oeuvres, appetizers, and served with fish, shellfish or chicken. So just think dry will be great for a seafood bar, oysters and especially lobster.

Extra dry: These are slightly sweeter than brut but not super sweet. This kind of Champagne is considered very versatile as you can order and serve it with the same foods as Brut, but also can accompany dessert. Actually, this is the perfect anytime drink.

Sec, demi-sec, doux: These are very sweet champagnes and truly reserved for dessert courses only. So serve it with your dessert bar and you can’t go wrong.

Honestly no matter which one you choose for your wedding, take a moment to enjoy the bubbles with your family and friends. I’d also ask your wine steward to save a bottle unopened and un-chilled, so you can have it to enjoy upon your return from your honeymoon!  I’m sure they will be happy to do that for you.



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