Monique Lhuillier creates a field of bridal dreams

Oh my gosh!! It is hot enough for you?! Well let’s enjoy the cool and whimsical style of one of our favorite bridal designers – Monique Lhuillier

Butterflies, branches, wheat stalks and feathers; all delicately woven into the collection. There are lots of textures and for Monique Lhuillier and she says, “the trumpet silhouette is very strong this season”. Yes in deed, romance is back.

Let me just take one step back to remind you of my Fashion Week prediction about the final piece in Ms. Lhuillier’s show. It was a beautiful cherry-red gown. BREATHTAKING! I remember saying to the person sitting next to me, that this piece would be in the springs collection – I didn’t k now if for sure, but it was so beautiful – how could it not. Sure enough, there it was in a beautiful ivory and equally spectacular.

Fabric trends: Satin Organza, Embroidered illusion, embellished lace, Chantilly, feathered tulle and pebble georgette
Color trends: Ivory
Style trends: Strapless, trumpet, ruffle skirt, feathers, tulle overlay, embroidered skirts, ruffle flowers, slide slit, tulle roses and drop waist corset bodice.

All photo’s by Lisa M. Barr.


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