When words count; wording of your invitations

When you’re planning your engagement party it’s easy. You know that at least 95% of your guests will come in their best party clothes. When it comes to your wedding, you want to make sure that you leave nothing and no one to chance. But what wordings do you use and what is the difference?

Here’s a little cheat-sheet to help you.

Are you having a truly formal wedding, at night, perhaps at the Plaza? If you are then it’s perfectly acceptable to say “Black-Tie attire. This means that your expectation is that the male guests will be in tuxes and your female guests in dresses that are very fancy. They can be cocktail length or floor length. Simply put, everyone is dressed to the nines – BLINGED OUT !

Black-tie optional
This is one of the most used directives on a wedding invitation. Here, your male guests can wear tuxes or really nice suites. The women can range from very fancy to cocktail.
You can use this for an evening wedding.

Men in nice suits and ladies in really nice dresses. If they want to wear a cocktail length or slightly above the knee (tasteful reminder to those people who may need it – oh, come on. You know who I mean). If your girls are more comfortable in a pants suit, that is also acceptable.
I would recommend this for a morning, afternoon or Island destination wedding.

No mention at all
Well, I would hope you know your friends and that they know what is appropriate to wear to you wedding. If you are getting married in a field, over looking a lake in the summer, or a loft in Greenwich Village, your guests should take their wardrobe cue based on the time of day, year and location.

No matter what, all eyes are going to be on you. You are the star and you will be beautiful. If you have any doubt that your guests won’t understand your expectation, then say something.


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