Naeem Kahn WOWs the Tent Fall 2010 collection

Naeem Khan was the last show I was seeing this fashion season under the tent. I have to say, I was tired, beyond exhausted if truth be told. I met his beautiful and talented in her own right, wife and said to her that I needed to find a new way to say “oh my god” every time I view his collection. She joked with me and said just say “OMG”. As I made my way to my seat, I knew from last year that Naeem was going to be amazing, so I was looking forward to it. As the lights dimmed and as soon as the first beat of music played and the very first model took the runway, the electricity in the room went from zero to 1billion in .2seconds flat. I could go on about the music classic rock and roll, but let me tell you about the clothes.

Glamour with a touch of American classic sports wear and sex appeal mixed with rock and roll edge equaled perfection. As one looking not only at the clothes, but the reaction of my fellow editors and those in the audience, there was deep appreciation not only for the music choice (which matched perfectly), but for the true masterpieces we saw. In the end, a very well deserved ‘OMG’ standing ovation.

Naeem, if you read this know that viewing your collection was worth all the hours, train rides across town, up and down stairs, being bumped in the head by a wayward camera lens and lack of sleep during fashion week. I want every piece in your collection and some of the editors I was sitting with feel the same. The standing ovation your received was sincere and I truly can’t wait to see what next season brings. Thank you for being such a talented man who obviously loves the power, strength and sensuality of a woman.

Fall Color trends for your wedding décor to consider, based on the Naeem Khan RTW collection:
Anything Metallic, Gold, “Metal”, Black. Gold, Silver, “Glass Chenille”, Crystals, beading, fringe, sequins, iridescent colors and feathers.

Just as an aside, the jewelry which were strong statement pieces, earrings and bracelets were created by the talented and extremely beautiful Ranjana Khan, Naeem’s wife.


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