Over the Moon with Lela Rose 2010 Collection

Lela Rose Fall 2010 RTW Fashion Week

“With the right silhouette and use of rich textural fabrics and great detailing, you can make an inexpensive shoe look like it costs hundreds of dollars. I design with complete creative freedom and together with Payless we are able to bring a designer aesthetic to stores for more and more women to afford and enjoy.” Lela Rose.

The fall 2010 Lela Rose collection takes the “craggy, shattered landscape” of the moon and earth as seen on the Galapagos Islands via telescope and creates a collection that is texturally beautiful. The sprayed graphical look creates an out of this world ‘edge’ to some of the pieces and yet they all flow together creating a spectacular vision of the moon and stars. I believe that the cocktails dressed are a perfect alternative for a certain type of wedding; these dresses can be easy, breeze and casual. Not your wedding dress type, how about something beautiful for your engagement party or rehearsal dinner?

I loved the gowns and if the mother of the bride is looking for something that is classic and not the typical look, Lela Rose could be the answer.

Finally, I can’t wait until the Lela Rose Bridal Show in April. I’m sure that the designs will be equally as beautiful and just as magical.

Fall Color trends for your wedding décor to consider, based on the Lela Rose RTW collection: Midnight blue, Onyx, Cobalt, Liquid Mercury, Ivory and Midnight sky.


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