Get your groom on for Valentines Day

Craig the Barber
Craig the Barber photo with his permission

Hey Grooms,

I know it’s Superbowl weekend, but Valentines Day is just around the corner. What I’ve heard from several of you is, you want to know the ‘right’ way to get a close shave. Well, I’ve turned to my Celebrity Stylist Craig (AKA Craig the Barber) and he has given me some pointers that are guarenteed to teach you how to get the right shave be it Valentine’s or your Wedding day.

There are many men that cannot shave with a razor for a variety of reasons (skin irritation, contact cuts and nicks, etc.) and choose to shave with an electric shaver. However, I often hear complaints that they just cannot get a shave that lasts. Here’s how to do it!

(1) Start dry- for electric shavers, you need your beard to be dry to the touch in order to maximize the cutting capability of your shaver. Never wash you face before you shave with an electric razor.

(2) Consider a pre-shave solution- no not a pre-shave oil, more like the modern version on Lectric Shave. This works just like a pre-shave oil, it creates a protective barrier on your skin and lifts your hair to allow for a closer shave. These solutions work well with trimmers as well (Brands- Jack Black , Anthony Logistics, Lab Series).

(3) Sensitive areas 1st- many electric shavers can generate heat quickly during the course of a shave. Heat generally irritates your skin more (if it is sensitive). So shave the sensitive areas (i.e. neck) first, while the shaver is still cool.

(4) Know your shaver-to get the best out of your shaver, Rotary – shave in small circular motions; Foil – shave with the grain and against on a case by case basis.

(5) Avoid Rubbing Alcohol- rubbing alcohol dries and hardens the skin, (ex. – novice hikers use rubbing alcohol to harden the soles of their feet, while guitarists use it to harden their fingertips). Instead rinse your face, then apply an after shave balm that is designed to soothe, heal and moisturize your skin.

(6) Clean- shavers must be maintained to maximize their cutting ability. So, clean after every shave or wait no longer than after every 3 uses. Replace the screen and blades once year, in foil shavers.

Give it a try and let me know how it works out! For more great tips check out his website or fan him on Facebook.


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