For a smooth shave, call Craig the Barber

Somewhere, there was someone who thought five o’clock shadow was sexy. I think on George Clooney perhaps, I’d even say my ex boyfriend, but on your wedding day, absolutely not.

I am so thrilled to have met Craig Whitely known to a worldwide clientele as ‘Craig the Barber‘ at a recent event. Craig is the owner of the Grooming Concierge, the consummate source for the grooming needs of Hollywood’s most powerful men. For years Craig has been working with some of Hollywood’s hottest men, teaching them simple tricks to stay groomed without going overboard. Today, he’s sharing Steps to a Great Razor Shave with you.

Craig the barberFor some reason, more and more men have learned how to shave from a 20 second Gillette commercial. I love Gillette, but I don’t think they intend their ads to double as shaving tutorials! The results are confusion as to why they just cannot get a close shave, or worse, not knowing how to prevent shaving irritation. So let me help you out! Below I am pleased to share with you Craig the Barber’s quick & Classic Shaving Tips, guaranteed to give anyone the perfect shave.

(1) Prep: Most men go straight into shaving without making sure that their face is clean and properly moistened. Lack of moisture is a main cause of post-shaving irritation.

Solution– Clean you face with warm water and your face wash of choice (I’m currently using Multi-Action Face Wash by LAB Series). Then apply your pre-shave oil and shave cream or gel (I prefer, shave creams).

(2) Shave: Shave with the grain. If it is not close enough, re-lather (keeping the face moist) then shave across the grain. If you are someone that gets irritation form shaving then going against the grain should be your last resort. .

(3) Refresh: This is an extremely important step. Why? Because you’ve just finished removing a thin layer of skin off of your face with a razor! Invest is a good post-shave product, one that will heal and moisturize your skin, so it can be ready tomorrow for another shave.

I know what you must be thinking… this sounds like a lot and you don’t have time. I hear this a lot from my clients as well. However, it should not take any more than 10 minutes out of your morning. Besides, if you enjoy a smooth shave without irritation. Instead of a shave that feels like you used a dull kitchen knife, then 10 minutes out of your day can’t be that bad…right?

Craig is a wealth of information and a wonderful resource. Please feel free to check out his website, www.themensroom.comfor tons of great information. Craig has graciously agreed to be one of my ‘go-to’ guys for all your grooming needs so you’ll hear from him again soon. If you want to stay in the know, become a fan of his on Facebook (The Men’s Room by Craig the Barber) and get the latest updates on Twitter @CraigTheBarber. Here’s to a smooth shave and a great weekend guys.


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