Ines DiSanto 2010 collection bling-alicious

There are designers that really make me excited and Ines DiSanto is one of them. It was wonderful to be a part of her celebrating ten years of haute bridal couture at the Jumeriah Essex House during bridal market. Her theme for 2010 was “Global Extravanza” and her designs didn’t disappoint. She has always captured the admiration of an international audience because she sets the trends by constantly reinventing the most important garment a woman will choose – her bridal gown.

Born in Italy and raised in Argentina her designs reflect (to me anyway) a mix of both cultures and the flavor of both nations. Ines says, “Fashion is an expression of who I am. I want my designs to be a living work of art on a blooming bride.”

{You’ve got to check out more slide show photos, the dresses are bling-a-licious}

So let me set the stage… The entire collection was inspired by the mystique and allure of what is the most special item in the world – diamonds. Lights dim and “Diamonds are forever” plays. The entire audience erupts with “WOW” as the gem-encrusted bodice takes its place as the first creation shown. The excitement didn’t stop until Ines took her final bow. There are shimmering silks and satins that were accented by Swarovski crystals and beading against various pale greens and blush tones. Each stone added undeniable luster to Ines’ designs. There are flouncy pleated ruffles, classic silhouettes and other equally dreamy designs – especially the mini-dress…again WOW!

If there was a show-stopper this season for me, it was Ines DiSanto. I’m a fan and think you will be too.

For more info: To see these amazing creations you can visit her site, or visit Bergdorf Goodman or Neiman Marcus.


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