Farah Angsana is a success during NY Fashion Week

Farah Angsana
Farah Angsana collection photos’ by Lisa M. Barr

There is a great deal of anticipation and expectation of designers during Fashion Week. I can only imagine the planning, sleepless nights, and last minute questioning that goes into making sure your collection accurately reflects you. After all, YOU (the designer) are every dress, shoe or accessory that the public will see and eventually buy. Fashion writers usually set the bar high and at my first show of this season, Farah Angsana set the standard to be matched.

The Royalton hotel was the fitting location for woman whose collection exudes luxury femininity and elegance. Ms. Angsana is known for the fresh, cultural perspective she brings to the world of haute couture with her luxurious embroideries and rich colors. Where lavish, hand-embellishment and embroideries reflect her culture, each room was a visual feast for the eyes.

Inspired by Balinese goddess and Hindustan culture, each dress has a mix of mirrored embroideries, bead-works that were all done by hand in Paris and India she explained. While she couldn’t pick a ‘favorite’ dress, what is clear is her fabric of choice: of all variations of silk including chiffon, georgette, duppione and duchess.

There were several that I loved for bridal, but every dress should be considered for your special evening out. I truly look forward to seeing her bridal collection in a few weeks.

Celebrities such as Teri Hatcher, Carrie Underwood, Olivia Wilde, and Taraji P. Henson have worn her designs. For more information The Farah Angsana collection is currently sold at Neiman Marcus and specialty stores worldwide.


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