Eco-Wed Wedding Treats!

Soy Delicious Moisturizing
Soy Delicious Moisturizing Candle – yummmy!

Who doesn’t love a good candle? When you have a candle that you can also use as a moisturizer, it then becomes the ultimate eco-friendly product. Nothing goes to waste. There is such a company that has married the two, uses natural products and is appropriately called “Soy Delicious Moisturizing Candle”.

Soy Delicious Moisturizing Candles are 100% soy candles, infused with a high concentration of fragrance & essential oils to ensure amazing scent. The amazing scent will fill every room in the home. Once the candle has liquefied, it can be used as a moisturizer for your hands, elbows or feet. You enjoy the benefits of soy – its antioxidant powers and rich Vitamin E properties. Finally, once the candle has completely burned out, clean out the tumbler and use it as a drinking glass. A candle made from renewable resource that comes in a recyclable container – WOW! These candles are also available in sets of 12 and the tins can be personalized for any occasion to make them the perfect gift for a bridal shower or wedding. I love a company that believes in ‘waste not soy not’. What are you waiting for? Do something good for the environment, your friends and yourself.

For more information:

Are you getting married in Napa, Martha’s Vineyard, Paris or Brooklyn and looking for something unique? Maptote is the perfect way to welcome out-of-town guests and thank them for sharing your day. They won’t have to ask you for directions because this eco-friendly bag with it’s cool map, helps orient guests with their surroundings. These bags are both fun and functional. Because it folds flat, this tote is something the guests will be sure to take home with them and continue to use long after your wedding. Personalize it with your names, wedding date or make it fun with “Team Bride” or “Team Groom”.

Maptote’s are great for any weddings especially green weddings because all their totes are made and printed in Brooklyn, NY (which is where they are located!).

For more information on these totes and what cities they have, visit their site:


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