Functionalab Beauty – an aid to good wedding health and beauty

There are so many different ways to get in shape for your wedding, but I want to share with you, the ways that I find which are healthy. I am NOT telling you to loose weight. I think you’ll look beautiful no matter what your size. What I am saying is IF you are looking for a way to be healthy, you should look at a potion control, exercise and vitamins. For a product that is tailored to your unique body (type, stress level, what you are looking to do, what you want to achieve) then this is the product for you.

I had a wonderful opportunity to speak with Nathalie Pelletier, the Director of Nutrition and Training for Functionalab. This is what she shared with me.

A bride should consider Functionalab because our approach is to 100% personalize their regimen, making sure it’s perfect for their health and beauty needs. Before suggesting any supplements, a Beauty Nutritionist (all licensed in USA, as either registered dietitian or nutritionist) will use a computerized program to identify the main health and beauty issues of the bride and will support her in providing a tailored supplement plan to reach optimal health & beauty objectives.

In addition, the Functionalab portfolio is the most complete you can find in the market and the extremely high quality of their product is unquestionable. They use high quality sources with optimal potency and do not add any extra fillers to their product.

A personalized nutrition program is very important. In meeting nutrient needs, a one-size-fits-all approach might not be the ideal for everyone. In addition to specific needs related to gender and age, a person’s individual needs are based on such factors as genetics, disease state, stress, and activity levels. If we consider all the stress incurred while planning for a wedding, it is evident that supporting the bride with an optimized personalized supplement plan will only allow her to better enjoy this very important day in her life.

Every bride wants to look her best on the day of her wedding, so it is important to remember that health and beauty are inseparable. The Functionalab Beauty Doses provide essential nutrients to optimize the look of your skin, hair and nails. These nutrients nourish not only your skin from inside, they are also essential nutrients to support optimal health. Of course, topical beauty creams also often contain nutrients, such as antioxidants, which can provide certain benefits, but oral dietary supplements and topical creams will have different effects. As we’ve discussed, nutrition is fundamental to all processes of the body and, therefore, addressing the body’s nutrient needs with a good diet and dietary supplements will have a broader, more far-reaching effect than a topical beauty cream.

A good diet is the foundation for optimal health and exercising as well. In addition to a personalized supplement plan, the Functionalab beauty-nutritionist will also provide the bride with adequate nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. Further, the Functionalab beauty-nutritionist will follow up with her clients via e-mail and is available by phone or email for any questions and concerns. Functionalab is the most holistic approach you will currently find available in this market!

Simone was my nutritional consultant (she is a registered nutritionist) and really knowledgeable. I think what I really like about the program is that they send you a direct link to a nutritionist so if you have questions, then can be answered. It’s not “you buy the product and then good luck”. They want you to succeed and that is worth the price. Go and check out Functionalab Beauty at Henri Bendel. (Grooms – they have a product for you too – getting in shape isn’t only for the women in your life!!) For now, they are in the front until their permanent home in the store is finished.

Let me know what you think about their product. Until next time, I wish you good health.

Your bridal fairy godmother.


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