Renée Rouleau – a skincare line that actually works

Stress – we all know preparing for a wedding is stressful and can cause your skin to go from flawless to full of zits in no time. If you are like a great portion of women (and yes men) who suffer from cystic acne (you know, those really hard pimples) you are always looking for a product that will treat it immediately. My latest ‘discovery’, an ‘Anti-Cyst Treatment‘ by Renée Rouleau. This is an aqueous solution, with a pH that conforms to the physiological integrity of the skin. In other words, it makes it go ‘by-bye!’.

The ‘Anti-Cyst Treatment’ uses a non-drying anti-bacterial agents that are delivered deep into skin where the cystic infection is present. What’s more it works – I tried it myself. Celebrities like Lisa Rinna , Eva Amurri, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Cheryl Ladd and Sean Avery are all believers in her products too.

Renee has also created a cocktail of advanced age-defying ingredients to provide immediate and long-term results for skin smoothness, skin brightening, firmness and younger-looking skin with continued use. You know it’s never too early to preventative measures. Her Intensive Firming Serum with Pomegranate and Peptides is lightweight and does change the texture of your skin after just a few days usage.

The only thing that I don’t like about Renée, her office is in Dallas and not New York, but her products are just a click away. Believe me when I say, using these products by Renée Rouleau, will have people stopping you in the street asking what you use on your skin.

For more information about Renée’s products and skin care tips, go to her website:


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